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Tha-no-vi-a (thăn-ōv-ē'ə)


Derivative spelling of the word thanatovita and having the same meaning.

Tha-na-to-vi-ta (thă-nă-tō-vē-tǔ)

A composite word of thanatos, being the personification of death (Greek), and vita, being life (Latin). Literally meaning a dead-life or any derivative of that general meaning.

Example: Thanatovita gazed blankly at the wall as he lay paralized on the floor.

tha-na-to-vi-tan (thă-nă-tō-vē-tǎn)


Something living but lacking vitality or movement.

Example: That thanatovitan child of yours needs to get a job and move out.

First used and created by William Thompson in 2000 to name a Role Playing Game website. Later, a derivative or this word, thanovia, was introduced for easier typing and rememberance. Thanovia was used with the permission of Mr. Thompson to name a fashion design school (link) in South Africa and continues to be used by various authors.

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